What is the best day to have my property maintained?

Any day is a great day to maintain your lawn! For specific types of services, like landscaping installation, we always recommend reaching out during the Spring season.

Do you catch or recycle the clippings?

We mulch up the clippings for them to go back into the earth as nutrients.

I don't want my landscaping done on the weekends, Can you accommodate me?

No worries at all - we are actually closed on the weekends!

I'm having an event or party, can you pay special attention at my property?

Of course! We do this for all of our customers, regardless of the reason for the service. We are happy to accommodate you!

How much water does my lawn need in the summer?

It depends on the type of grass you have! For example, if you have Bahia grass, that is drought resistant and should be fine with regular rain. However, if we are in a drought season, we always recommend watering your lawn 3 times a week. Give us a call and we can give you more information based on your situation!

What size mowers do you use?

All of our mowers are 48 inch commercial mowers.

At what height do you cut the lawn?

This depends on the type of grass that you have! Typically, 3 inches is the standard recommended height for Bahia grass. For St. Augustine grass, 4 inches or above is recommended.

Why is mowing at the right height and alternating patterns of cut so important?

We want to mow alternating patterns because of ruts. We do not want to put impressions on the lawn by mowing the same pattern every week. Height is important because we do not want to expose your grass to disease!

How often do you sharpen your mower blades?

We sharpen our blades every single day! Sometimes, we even sharpen them twice a day. Our team always carries an extra set with them to every job so they are always prepared!

Do you provide shrub pruning?

Yes, we do!

Do you provide commercial grounds maintenance service?

Yes, we do!

What types of maintenance plans do you offer?

We have two types of maintenance plans; Basic and Full.
Basic - Includes mowing the grass, lawn edging, weed eating, and spraying weeds in flower beds
Full - Includes mowing the grass, lawn edging, weed eating, spraying weeds in flowers beds, and shrub trimming once a month or as needed

Do you provide seasonal color?

Yes, we can!